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Born in Hawaii yet raised in a little trailer in the middle of "nowhere" Arizona, Nick quickly developed an elaborate imagination. Surrounded by nothing but miles of dirt and rocks and long before the iPhone, Nick began to create and film his own stories on the tiny tape recorder his family owned.


As luck would have it he soon discovered something else in that harsh desert landscape. An old western film set built in the 1950's and just a few miles away was starting to buzz again as western films made a comeback. Riding his bike to this remote film set after school he'd watch the film crew work and feel the energy of filmmaking for the first time. And that's where Nick first fell in love with the craft . . . service.


After many (mainly) western films, playing a litany of poor Mexican village kids with no shoes, yet somehow a pocket full of Kit-Kats, Nick bolted from the desert to pursue a life in acting and landed in NYC to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he was accepted into their prestigious company program.


After that education, Nick journeyed around the country a bit in search of work and adventure, including a memorable stop in New Orleans: His favorite American city. Ask about that tattoo.


Nick now lives in Los Angeles with two beautiful pups and when not acting spends his time writing, playing music, woodworking and painting terribly. After performing in dozens of theatre, film and t.v. projects, Nick has finally begun to love the art of the craft as much as the crafty. 

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New Album: Bluebirds

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Sarejevo Superhighway

Hard Times in L.A.





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